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How Long Until You See Results From Strength Training? – Part 2

How Long Until You See Results From Strength Training? - Part 2

In part 2 of “how long until you see results from strength training?”, you will learn more about how your body learns new skills.  In part 1, I concluded that a master makes faster progress than a novice.  In this article, you will learn exactly how to become a master yourself.     To be […]

You CAN Squat Every Day — Here’s Why!


Back in 2013, a man named Matt Perryman released a book called Squat Every Day.  This was a controversial book at the time that advocated trainees to perform back squats every day.   The idea behind this is if you really want to  be good at something, do you want to do it once in […]

Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Tired Of The Barbell — Give Bodyweight Squats A Try After many years of heavy barbell training you sometimes have to admit that you need a break.  All that heavy weight can really stress you out when things get too tough.  That’s when bodyweight squats come in handy.   Lifting just your bodyweight will give […]

Deloading – The Secret To HUGE Gains


Deloading Is Not Dead Or Overrated….. Just Misunderstood Since the new fitness fads have finally settled down a bit, I want to discuss with all of you something that has been bothering me.  The issue of deloading. Deloading is one of the most vital components of any training program.  With a proper deload, your workouts […]

3 Simple Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilder Tips

Keeping It Real With Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is one of the many disciplines you see in most commercial gyms. Although ambitious, most amateur bodybuilders are going about it all wrong. You see in order to become a better bodybuilder, you need to approach it with a plan.

Beginner Workout Plans: Gym Workout Routines To Get Results

Beginner Workout Plans

In order for any endeavor to be successful, there must always be a plan.  For any athlete or fitness person, this includes workout plans.  Having the right gym exercises and routines will allow you to get the most results.  We all know the people who just show up to “train” and then do a series […]