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Secrets Of Russian Strength Training Programs

Russian Strength Training Program

After The Wall Came Down… In 1945, the second world war had ended and the world was forever changed.  Europe was now split in two by the iron curtain.  Suddenly, the United States and Russia were two superpowers competing for world dominance.  They competed in science, technology and athletics.  It was here the Russians developed […]

A Realistic Strength Level For Real People

Realistic Strength Level

What Does A Realistic Strength Level Look Like? I am going to let you guys in on a little secret, most of the lifting community is lying to you.  That’s right.  You see there is money to be made online.  Unfortunately, one of the ways money is made is by selling people on achieving an […]

Top 10 Butt Kicking Conditioning Exercises

Top 10 Conditioning Exercises

Conditioning Exercises Shouldn’t Just Burn Fat, They Should Build Muscle Too Have you ever had an amazing workout and felt great until the end when you have to do your conditioning exercises? 

Increase Physical Strength The Easy Way

Increasing Physical Strength

Want To Be The Best? Then Increase Your Physical Strength! As human beings we all want to get better at everything.  You probably want more money, more success, etc.  What if I told you that it all starts in the physical world first.  That’s right!  Physical strength lays the foundation for all of your future […]

Building Muscular Strength – The Truth!

Building Muscular Strength

Some Real Talk About Building Muscular Strength Why do you want to build muscular strength?  Simple.  Because you want to become better.  Mark Rippetoe says it best.  “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” 

Ultimate Ab Workouts For Beginners – Abs Of Steel

Ab Workouts For Beginners

Why Ab Workouts For Beginners Are So Important? If you take 10 random gym goers and ask them why they are there, 9 out of 10 of them will tell you they want a 6 pack.  This is fine and all but without excellent ab workouts for beginners, your progress is going to hit a […]