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Vastus Medialis Strengthening For Superior Knee Health

Vastus Medialis Muscle

Fortify & Reinforce Your Knees With A Strong Vastus Medialis Every part of body is incredibly important and has its own purpose. However, when it comes to muscles that are under-appreciated, the vastus medialis is arguably near the top of that list.

Improving Posture For Your Maximum Potential

Improving Posture

Getting Better Results All Starts With Improving Posture More often than not, many do not think twice about their posture and how it affects their health. But since you actually want to know how to improve posture, you’re already doing a lot better than most!  When it comes to athletic training, strength training, or bodybuilding, […]

Unlock Your Shoulder Mobility for Improved Performance

Shoulder Mobility

The shoulder joint is the most versatile joint in the human body. For all kinds of athletic feats, a healthy shoulder joint is the basis of incredible upper-body power. But if your shoulder mobility is not close to your full potential, your overall fitness is significantly limited.

Improve Your Hip Mobility With Just 5 Simple Exercises

Hip Mobility

Why Is Hip Mobility So Important? Many people suffer from tight hips especially if they sit at a desk all day or watch a lot of tv. Hip tightness can cause the hip joint to become less mobile, which puts the joint at risk for injury. Hip mobility is one of the most important things […]

How Hip Mobility Can Boost Your Strength And Relieve Joint Pain

Hip Mobility

The Need For Hip Mobility In An Ever Stiff World Being able to move our bodies’ efficiently is essential to live a long, prosperous life. At the core of our basic motions, the pelvic area grounds and centers us. Of course, hip mobility is needed to simply keep moving, but it also can be improved […]

Why Back Decompression Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Back Decompression

In my previous article on improving grip strength, I briefly talked about back decompression in a small section.  After giving it much thought, however, I decided that back decompression deserves a post of its own.