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Top 5 Deadlift Shoes For Heavy Lifting

Best Deadlift Shoes

If you’re serious about taking your deadlift numbers to new heights, consider a new deadlift shoe.  For heavy deadlifting, the flatter, simpler, and more durable the shoe is, the better off you are. While there is a lot of variety in this list, these brands are tried-and-true to provide solid stability and support while deadlifting.  […]

The REAL Way To Do Squats

The Real Way To Do Squats

It is very important to learn how to do squats.  Why?  Because squats are incredibly awesome, that’s why!   Learning how to do squats will completely change your training program and workouts forever.  Squats will make you leaner, stronger, they will build more muscle mass and they will increase your flexibility & mobility.   The […]

Top 10 Strength Training Programs Available Today

Top 10 Strength Training Programs

Starting something new can contain both the hope of excitement, success, and fulfillment but also the fear of failure, loss, and regret. But when you are thinking about starting a new training program specifically designed to help you obtain your fitness and health goals, aim your sights high. By choosing the best program possible, you […]

Why Bulgarian Split Squats Build HUGE Legs

TRX Bulgarian Split Squats

The Best Leg Exercise You Should Be Doing We all want to build a bigger squat.  Even if you don’t know it yet.  Why?  Because the squat makes us bigger and stronger more than any other exercise.  But the BEST way to build your squat is with Bulgarian split squats. The story behind the Bulgarian […]

Building Your Upper Back for a Strong Bench Press

Bench Press Upper Back Training Hero Image

A Strong Upper Back: Your Secret Training Weapon Too many times, beginning trainees do not realize that a crucial element to excelling in their bench press is the strength of their back. Specifically, a solid upper back provides the foundation for balance, stability, and ultimately adding on weight each week.

Bench Press: Powerlifting Setup

Bench Press Cover Photo

The Best Bench Press Setup For Making Incredible Gains When it comes to the weight room, one of the most talked about and performed lifts is the bench press. Hype aside, many lifters feel that their bench press could improve but just do not quite know how to bust through the dreaded plateau.