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How to Overhead Press Like A Champ

How To Overhead Press

The overhead press is a compound multi-joint exercise that primarily targets the shoulders and the triceps.  But it also a full body exercise as well.  Unknown to most, the overhead press is a full body exercise that works every muscle from your toes, all the way up to your shoulders.  The overhead press requires an […]

The Supreme Bench Press Guide — Zero To Hero

The Supreme Guide To The Bench Press

Throughout every gym on Earth, everybody has heard of the bench press.  The bench press is the ultimate test of a man’s strength and potential.   It is the bench press that is used as a strength test for the NFL, police and prison gangs.  The bench press is the ultimate test of your upper […]

Building Your Upper Back for a Strong Bench Press

Bench Press Upper Back Training Hero Image

A Strong Upper Back: Your Secret Training Weapon Too many times, beginning trainees do not realize that a crucial element to excelling in their bench press is the strength of their back. Specifically, a solid upper back provides the foundation for balance, stability, and ultimately adding on weight each week.

Bench Press: Powerlifting Setup

Bench Press Cover Photo

The Best Bench Press Setup For Making Incredible Gains When it comes to the weight room, one of the most talked about and performed lifts is the bench press. Hype aside, many lifters feel that their bench press could improve but just do not quite know how to bust through the dreaded plateau.