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How To Conduct Strength Training Safely & Effectively?

How To Conduct Strength Training Safely?

So how is strength training conducted safely and effectively?  Well, the good news is it is actually a very simple thing to do.  The problem is it is not easy and not an overnight solution.   Life would be great sometimes if you could just execute your tasks like a computer program.  You could feel […]

How Often Should I Perform Strength And Mobility Training?

How Often Should I Perform Strength And Mobility Training?

In today’s world, your training goals are faced with a dilemma.  Should you train for strength or mobility?  And, how often should strength and mobility training be conducted?  A lot of the literature out there tells you that you cannot have them both.  You can either be very mobile or very strong, but not at […]

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders

Improving Posture

Nobody wants rounded shoulders, but so many lifters live day in and day out with this type of poor posture. From fostering muscle imbalances and feeling a lack of confidence, there is not one good reason to live with rounded shoulder posture.  Fortunately, there are a handful of exercises and stretches to combat the effects […]

Rotator Cuff Injury and Prevention

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Comprised of four muscles, the rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that envelope the shoulder joint. The main role of the rotator cuff is to maintain a firm yet flexible hold of your upper arm within the shoulder socket.  When a rotator cuff injury happens, it can be incredibly nagging and painful. […]

The Best Way to Strengthen Your Glutes

The Best Way To Strengthen Your Glutes

Whether you are a woman or man, activating and training your glutes should never be overlooked.  As a key player connecting the lower body to the upper body, gluteus specific training can revamp your leg day. Once you find the best way to strengthen your glutes, nothing can stop you from obtaining your goals.  Step […]

Amazingly Simple Squat Mobility Plan For Better Squats

Squat Mobility

In my last article on how to squat the right way, I touched upon a few problems at the end of the article about how people mess up their squat.  This is almost always due to poor squat mobility.  Squat mobility is the key to having an effective and pain free squat that will last […]

Quadratus Lumborum: Stop Back Pain & Boost Your Lifts

Quadratus Lumborum

The Sneaky Little Muscle That May Be Slowing Down Your Progress For many athletes and lifters, pain in the quadratus lumborum can pose as a real setback from reaching their training potentials. If you’re dealing with quadratus lumborum tightness or pain, know that you can find relief through simple stretches.

Rectus Femoris Motion, Stretches & Pain Prevention

Rectus Femoris

While there are many parts to our hips and quads, the rectus femoris muscle can easily be forgotten about. It connects our hips to our knees and is incredibly important as far as being able to walk and to simply lift our legs up.

Improve Posture: Straight Talk About Better Posture

Improve Posture

Some Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind! If you find yourself slumping over all the time with rounded shoulders, then you need to improve your posture. And for the sake of your health you better get on it pronto.