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Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Tired Of The Barbell — Give Bodyweight Squats A Try After many years of heavy barbell training you sometimes have to admit that you need a break.  All that heavy weight can really stress you out when things get too tough.  That’s when bodyweight squats come in handy.   Lifting just your bodyweight will give […]

Top 10 Butt Kicking Conditioning Exercises

Top 10 Conditioning Exercises

Conditioning Exercises Shouldn’t Just Burn Fat, They Should Build Muscle Too Have you ever had an amazing workout and felt great until the end when you have to do your conditioning exercises? 

Handstand Push Ups: Getting Your First One

Handstand Push Ups

Handstand Push Ups – The Best Kept Secret Of Building Massive Shoulders Doing  handstand push ups can be very intimidating and sometimes we don’t know where to start. So we’ve got some great variations on the handstand push up as well as, some regressions and progressions of it.

The Ultimate Beginner Push Up Program To Get Results

Beginner Push Up Program

Want To Do More Push Ups? Find The Right Push Up Program We all at some point have wanted to do a push up or have tried to do one, and failed. The first step to getting the push up down is great form and learning how to set up a push up program.

The Airborne Lunge: Why You Should Do Them

The airborne lunge is one of the most under-appreciated exercises for the lower body.  Just because it is a bodyweight exercise and it is more difficult than a barbell squat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  Whenever you search for a lower body calisthenics exercise to build lower body strength, you typically get pistol squats for […]