Deadlifts Should Work These Muscle Groups

Deadlift Muscles Worked

If building HUGE amounts of muscle and strength are part of your lifting agenda, then this is the article for you!  In this article I am going to show you which muscle groups deadlifts should work.   When done properly, deadlifts should work your glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors, traps, calves and lats.  The deadlift is […]

Amazingly Simple Squat Mobility Plan For Better Squats

Squat Mobility

In my last article on how to squat the right way, I touched upon a few problems at the end of the article about how people mess up their squat.  This is almost always due to poor squat mobility.  Squat mobility is the key to having an effective and pain free squat that will last […]

Top 10 Barbell Squat Variations

Top 10 Squat Variations

Squats are a cornerstone of strength building and heavy lifting. Learning and developing the best squat variations can propel your athletic ability from mediocre to unstoppable. Check out, learn, and try the best barbell squat variations for strength, mass, and flexibility on your next leg day. Back Squat Table of Contents Back SquatProsConsFront SquatProsConsOverhead SquatProsConsCyclist […]

The REAL Way To Do Squats

The Real Way To Do Squats

It is very important to learn how to do squats.  Why?  Because squats are incredibly awesome, that’s why!   Learning how to do squats will completely change your training program and workouts forever.  Squats will make you leaner, stronger, they will build more muscle mass and they will increase your flexibility & mobility.   The […]

You CAN Squat Every Day — Here’s Why!


Back in 2013, a man named Matt Perryman released a book called Squat Every Day.  This was a controversial book at the time that advocated trainees to perform back squats every day.   The idea behind this is if you really want to  be good at something, do you want to do it once in […]

Top 10 Strength Training Programs Available Today

Top 10 Strength Training Programs

Starting something new can contain both the hope of excitement, success, and fulfillment but also the fear of failure, loss, and regret. But when you are thinking about starting a new training program specifically designed to help you obtain your fitness and health goals, aim your sights high. By choosing the best program possible, you […]

Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Top 10 BEST Bodyweight Squats

Tired Of The Barbell — Give Bodyweight Squats A Try Table of Contents Tired Of The Barbell — Give Bodyweight Squats A TryHow To Perform A Classic Bodyweight SquatSpotting Bad Form On Your Bodyweight SquatsBodyweight Squat VariationsGoblet SquatsWall SquatsHindu SquatsPrisoner SquatsOverhead Dowel SquatsSplit SquatsPistol SquatsQi Gong Wall SquatJump SquatsBox SquatsConclusion After many years of heavy […]

Hack Squat Vs. Leg Press Full Disclosure

Hack Squat vs Leg Press

Battle Of Machines — Do Hack Squats Build Muscle Better Than The Leg Press? Table of Contents Battle Of Machines — Do Hack Squats Build Muscle Better Than The Leg Press?The Leg Press — Push The Sled, Grow Your LegsLeg Press TechniqueSets And RepsSafetyThe Hack Squat — Squats On SteroidsHack Squat TechniqueSets And RepsSafetyWhich One […]

Why Bulgarian Split Squats Build HUGE Legs

TRX Bulgarian Split Squats

The Best Leg Exercise You Should Be Doing Table of Contents The Best Leg Exercise You Should Be DoingWhy You Can Leg Press More Than You Can Squat! — The Secret Behind Leg Training Revealed In the Massachusetts ExperimentHow To Do Bulgarian Split SquatsThe Right Way To Do Bulgarian Split SquatsWhy Do So Many People […]

Deloading – The Secret To HUGE Gains


Deloading Is Not Dead Or Overrated….. Just Misunderstood Table of Contents Deloading Is Not Dead Or Overrated….. Just MisunderstoodWhat Is Deloading?Is Deloading Necessary?Who Needs To Deload The Most?Types Of DeloadingIntensity DeloadVolume DeloadVariety DeloadExercise DeloadHow To Design A Deloading WorkoutExample Deloading WeekBefore Deload (Week 3)Deload Week (Week 4)When To Schedule A Deloading WeekConclusion Since the new […]