About Barbell Scholar

Barbell Scholar is an educational resource run by me, Anthony Guttadauro, to provide you with the best information to get results as quickly as possible.

But who am I, and why should you listen to me?

Who Is Anthony Guttadauro?

“What does he know about getting results anyway?”

Truth be told, I am just an average ordinary person who wanted to make massive gains and change my life because I had to. 

Like so many of us — I started from humble beginnings.

It started with a vision

Let’s turn back the clock to high school, it was 2008, my senior year.  I weighed a whooping 300+ lbs.

I guess you could say, I had a weight problem

Well that was putting it mildly, I had a MAJOR WEIGHT PROBLEM!

I weighed so much that I had to get a custom suit made for my senior prom because none of the suits in the outlet could fit me.  How Embarrassing!

Needless to say, I didn’t learn my lesson then because I went off to college and gained even more weight during my freshman year. 

Then It Happened!

Finally, one day in February of 2009, I awoke from my trance.

I had realized how toxic my lifestyle really was and decided once and for all to make a change.

So during the summer break of 2009, before my sophomore year, I made a promise to myself to loose a lot of weight before I went back to college. 

I had three and a half months to do it and most importantly, I WAS DRIVEN

During that time I lost over 100 lbs and completely transformed my life.  It was the greatest feeling in the world.

Taking It To The Limit

For a while I though my fitness journey was over, I was wrong.

In fact, my journey had just begun.

I switched my major in college to Exercise & Sports Science, with a minor in Biotechnology

I loved the major so much that I excelled and rose to the top of my class upon graduation.  Later, I became CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) Certified.  

After college, I did an internship with a strength and conditioning facility.  It was there that I would learn to take it to the limit. 

I was training alongside athletes of incredible skill and talent. 

Me, being kind of a bookworm, I was a little out of my league. 

I trained hard and practiced EVERY DAY until I was able to keep up with and even surpass some of the other athletes. 

Not bad for only three months of training!

It was at this point that I realized anything is possible

How Barbell Scholar Started

After spending some time at the strength and conditioning facility, I became a personal trainer in one of my local gyms.  It was there I decided to start Barbell Scholar

I thought about how awesome it would be if I could share my experiences with greater amounts of people and help them get better results.

I began to think about sharing the tricks and techniques I learned and showing how remarkably simple and easy it can be for you just like it was for me. 

Thus, in 2015, Barbell Scholar was born!

What Can Barbell Scholar Do For You?

My goal was to create a resource with hard-hitting, educational content about fitness.  Slowly but surely, that goal is being accomplished day by day. 

Barbell Scholar provides unique in depth content to help you blow past sticking points, plateaus and roadblocks.

All of this is not based on random hunches or theories, it is based off of REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE!

It has always been said that if you want to be a millionaire, you should hang out with billionaires to get there quicker.

Likewise, you should hang out with people who are already fit if you want to be fit yourself. 

This is where we come in!

There Is No Time Like The Present

If you are ready to begin this fitness venture, then it is time to take action.  Be sure to click the start here button below to get started. 

The beauty of fitness is that age is NOT a factor.  If you are committed and determined enough, then you can make incredible progress REGARDLESS OF AGE!

If making gains sounds good to you then click start here and let’s get started.  After all there is no time like the present!

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I look forward to working with you and being there with you throughout every step of your fitness venture.

Yours Truly,

-Anthony Guttadauro


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