Top 5 Deadlift Shoes For Heavy Lifting

Best Deadlift Shoes

If you’re serious about taking your deadlift numbers to new heights, consider a new deadlift shoe. 

For heavy deadlifting, the flatter, simpler, and more durable the shoe is, the better off you are. While there is a lot of variety in this list, these brands are tried-and-true to provide solid stability and support while deadlifting. 

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Check out my picks for the best deadlift shoes you can buy whether you are shopping on a budget, looking for minimalism, or have a keen eye for a fresh pair of trainers.

Sabo Deadlift Shoes

When it comes to deadlift shoes, Sabo has consistently been one of the best brands you can get your hands on. 

With a sleek look, Sabo deadlift shoes are exceptionally well-built as well. They encompass everything you need to have in a deadlift shoe: flat, thin soles, provide good support, and lightweight overall. 

Thankfully, Sabo’s do not have sole cushioning which is imperative to make your feet feel as close to the ground as possible without taking your shoes off.

Tarsal straps are unique to Sabo’s too. They provide extra stability and foster essential downward force when deadlifting heavy.

And if you have issues with your ankles frequently rolling, Sabo deadlift shoes provide excellent ankle support because the sides and straps are reinforced with this in mind. 

Not only can you fine-tune how tight your ankle strap is, but the foot and heel tightness is customizable too. 

If you want to try out rock solid trainers out for $80-90 brand new, buy Sabo deadlift shoes right here.  

Link To Amazon: Sabo Deadlift Shoes

Classic Chuck Taylors

If you are strapped for cash, it may be in your best interest to pick up a pair of classic Chuck Taylors. Depending on your location, these deadlift shoes run between $40-$75 brand new. 

But who knows, you might be able to get away with finding an old pair in your closet. For many, these shoes were, and still are, an iconic everyday sneaker. 

Chuck Taylors

For deadlifting, Chuck Taylors are a highly popular option because of their low cost and cool, classic design. Typically, beginner lifters opt-in to Chuck Taylors for their affordability, tight laces, and mostly flat soles.

Classic Chuck Taylor shoes are a great match for long, drawn out training sessions as well. Comfortable and versatile, these shoes won’t leave you hanging in foot pain.

However, they do have a slightly rugged sole because of various patterns on the bottom of the shoe. This may pose a foreign feeling when deadlifting heavy for some, but anyone can become accustomed to it. Plus, it is hardly noticeable and not really a deal breaker for either novice or experienced lifters. 

If you’re looking for a middle of the road sneaker to deadlift in, Chuck Taylors are probably your best bet. And, you won’t have to break the bank either. Visit here to order Chuck Taylors as your next deadlift accessory. 

Link To Amazon: Chuck Taylors

Vibram Five Finger KSO Trainer

As you can imagine, the name of this deadlift shoe gives it straight away. Rather than posing like any other deadlift shoe, the Vibram Five Finger KSO Trainer takes a unique stance.

This shoe hugs each toe just like a glove. At first, this may feel like a strange feeling to many since most of us wear shoes that traditionally have roomy toe space. But if you are interested and give it a chance, you might never look back.

Arguably the closest thing to going barefoot, the Vibram Five Finger KSO Trainer provides exceptional stability. 

With the toes spread naturally, the concentration of force and weight distribution from the weight into the ground is remarkable. You may feel more balanced than ever wearing these deadlift shoes.

Instead of entirely being barefoot, these trainers provide great traction and grip control with hardy, yet thin, rubber soles.

Although on the pricier side of $60-120, you get what you pay for with this cross trainer. If you’re leaning towards a minimalist type of deadlift shoe and serious about finding a high-quality option, buy the Vibram Five Finger KSO Trainer here.

Link To Amazon: Vibram Five Finger KSO Trainer

Merrell Vapour Glove 3

You might be wondering why I am recommending a minimalistic running shoe for your deadlift routine. Nonetheless, the Merrell Vapour Glove 3 is surprisingly light and provide that insanely close-to-the-ground feeling.

Experiencing this foot to ground connection is vital while deadlifting. More often than not, we may take this for granted or simply not notice it. 

But when you need optimal balance the most, you may be surprised that your current shoes may be holding your deadlift numbers back.

By lifting in minimal deadlift shoes such as these, you instantly notice how much more stable, balanced, and more in control of the weight you are. In turn, your deadlift posture improves without hesitation since you are corrected from the ground up.

Plus, you have no need to worry about your feet becoming too hot and congested in these trainers. The top of the shoe is quite breathable and feel airy – just in case if you are one to struggle with overly sweaty feet.

If these Merrell Vapour Glove 3’s sound like your deadlift shoe style, check them out here.

Link To Amazon: Merrell Vapour Glove 3

Reebok Power Lite Mid

Remember the Chuck Taylors above? Think of the Reebok Power Lite Mid shoe as a modern upgrade in comparison. 

Sporting leather while delivering incredible ankle support, these shoes are ideal for deadlifting. Moreover, jumping and taking sharp, fast turns on wooden gym floors is also match made in heaven for these deadlift shoes.

Stability is rock solid with these Reebok Power Lite Mid because they host a uniquely engineered rubber outer sole that provides a close-to-ground feeling. 

This is immensely helpful during heavy compound exercises because they are intended to undergo heavy pressure and torque. 

Not only does it feel like a Chuck Taylor tune-up, but it is very durable and will last quite a bit more wear and tear. Made from protective and durability reinforced materials, these deadlift shoes will last longer than you expect.

When your barbell deadlift is inches to a new PR, and you need support the most, these sneakers quite literally have your back. Click here to buy a pair of the Reebok Power Lite Mid deadlift shoes.

Link To Amazon: Reebok Power Lite


There are plenty of other shoes out there.  But with all of those options and endless searching your head will spin with confusion.  

The worst thing you can do for your training is to stall and procrastinate.  Over shoes nonetheless!

No matter which piece of equipment you buy, you should always buy what works.  

Whenever you spend money on anything, you are making a commitment to that particular product or brand.  However, you are also making a commitment to yourself and your training as well.  

If you buy cheap low quality equipment, that says you don’t take yourself or your training seriously.  On the other hand, buying better quality equipment shows that you are taking yourself and you training seriously.  

If the latter case, you will be successful due to both your commitment and your attitude.  

Good Luck & Go Get It! 

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