Cutting Weight: What It Really Takes to Shred Fat

Cutting Weight Plan

Ever wondered what you need to do to just cut weight already? Cutting weight for good does not have to be a far-off, mysterious subject any longer. Anyone can cut weight, so you can too. Dive in and put the following to the test.

**Note** This article is a continuation of my last post The Real Way You Should Be Cutting Weight.  Be sure to read that post FIRST before reading this one.  

Cutting Diet Plan 

Cutting Weight Blueprint

Cutting weight starts with a successful diet plan. In other words, you need to have a food schedule you can stick to. Whether you are a wrestler looking to cut weight for an upcoming tournament or just looking to lose those dreaded love handles, you need to have a clear direction for your weight loss.

Take note of which following foods to stay away from or which ones to take in with open arms. Choosing the right foods for cutting weight can make or break your goal. Don’t ever underestimate the power of personal nutrition on your fat loss goals.

Foods to Avoid When Cutting Weight 

  • NO Added Simple Sugars – e.g. high fructose cane syrup, candy, white bread, white sugar
  • NO Trans-fats and Polyunsaturated fats – e.g. cake, biscuits, pie, doughnuts, fried food

Good Foods to Eat When Cutting Weight 

  • Lean Proteins – e.g. chicken breast, salmon, turkey, tuna
  • Complex Carbohydrates – e.g. oats, sweet potato, beans, wild rice
  • Good Fats – e.g. avocado, tree nuts, chia seeds, vegetables
  • Deep Green Leafy Veggies – e.g. kale, rainbow chard, broccoli, romaine lettuce

Your Simple Action Steps on How to Cut Weight – Starting Today 

Be Mindful of Your Caloric Intake 

Taking note of the calories coming in is probably the most important factor in the process of cutting weight. Apps such as MyFitnessPal can be a good tool to help you visualize how much you should be eating on a custom cutting diet.

Every meal, snack, and drink throughout the day can add up in ways you might have never thought possible before. Regulating exactly what is going in to your body is the first step to cutting weight.

Create to a Food Schedule 

Diet Schedule

Since food choice is completely up to you with a dedicated nutrition plan, choose your foods wisely. And every time you feel an urge to veer away from your plan, think about why you started.

There may be moments when you have to dig deep and realize what you are capable of.

As far as meal timing, consider intermittent fasting. This way of scheduling your food intake can greatly aid in burning fat as your body is in a fasted state for most of the day. Yet you still are getting enough calories with larger meals which are spread out.

Step Up with Interval Cardio 

While there are many ways to go about cardio, this may take some time to figure out which style works for you. Plus, various fitness levels across the board call for different means of specific exercises and movements for one’s cardio needs.

To start, try out exercises you can normally perform with ease. As an example, try squats, jumping jacks, high knees, and arm circles all for 30 seconds each and rest for 10 seconds in between – repeat 3 times.

The key is to elevate your heart rate long enough to have your body burn fat instead of carbs as a main fuel source. But don’t worry because there is no need to burn yourself out by doing too much cardio either.

Make Time for Good Sleep 

Unfortunately, sleeping at a consistent hour every night is not the case for many. For something as vital as sleep, making small steps is the best for the long-term. As everyone differs with their sleep schedules, you need to figure out how much sleep you need.

If you don’t know how much sleep you need, take it upon yourself to experiment with more or less sleep. Then, repeat that for a handful of days to get a feel for what actually works for you.

The Truth About Added Sugars

Added Sugar

By this point you may be asking yourself, “how much weight can I lose by cutting out sugar?” Before you “cut out” sugar, understand that our brains completely run off the sugar called glucose. Know that there are plenty of great sugars for you to consume.

When you hear others throw around the term “cutting out sugar”, it really means removing added, simple sugars.

A prime example of cutting out unnecessary sugars would be saying goodbye to soda. Pop, soft drinks, coke, or whatever you call it takes a massive toll on adding tons of calories. In the form of high fructose corn syrup, soda can be highly addicting.

Think of it as a sugar on anabolic steroids. Yes, that is a rough comparison. However, the point is that it is a powerful sugar, but not in a good way for the long-term.

Added sugars or high fructose corn syrup are found in many food products readily available to consume. To name a few, ketchup, BBQ sauce, fruit juice, chocolate milk, and many more foods are designed exactly to get us hooked on sugar.

These types of simple sugars are especially found in fast-food chain restaurants and other mass produced, cheaply made foods.


It all starts in your head. If you want to accomplish cutting weight, you have to come to terms with what it means to abandon old habits. Honestly, it can feel either like a small adjustment for some or pulling out teeth for others.

If you can handle what you’re used to being taken away, then you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Remember that losing weight for good takes time. If you find yourself losing weight surprisingly fast, it may likely come back just as fast.

If it helps you, take pride and enjoy the long, dedicated journey of cutting weight. After all, it is incredibly worth it ten times over to lose excess fat. Tapping into patience is crucial to solidify your habits for life.

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