3 Simple Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilder Tips

Keeping It Real With Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the many disciplines you see in most commercial gyms. Although ambitious, most amateur bodybuilders are going about it all wrong. You see in order to become a better bodybuilder, you need to approach it with a plan.

Simply going to the gym 5 days a week to train arms in not a strong or practical approach to bodybuilding. Instead focus on training like an athlete. Athletes have the most solid training approaches of any other gym goer.

Their workouts are based purely on performance and competition. After all, isn’t that what a bodybuilder should be focusing on?

The main focus of the bodybuilder is to build muscle without putting on too much fat.  That way when one goes on stage they become leaner.

In my previous video A Review Of Muscle Building Diets, I go into detail talking about the “dirty bulk” and how most aesthetic enthusiasts want to just splurge on endless amounts of junk food during the winter months.

Obviously this is going to create an ungodly amount of work for you in the gym and force you to work much harder than you needed to.  This is not training smart, but yet so many lifters who are into bodybuilding do this.

In this video, I wanted to expand on this except with a focus more on workout techniques.  These techniques can be applied immediately to your workouts and get you well on your way to better bodybuilding.

If there is one thing that almost all bodybuilders need it is a strong mindset with the desire to win. With a strong mindset you will have the hunger and drive to win no matter what it takes.

With that said, I have created this video with some practical tips to improve your bodybuilding routine in the gym.


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