Proper Hydration For Lifters And Athletes

Proper Hydration

Listen Up!!!! Proper Hydration Is A Must!

One thing I keep noticing around many gyms are lifters and athletes of all kinds without any kind of proper hydration.  That’s right!  Absolutely no water of any kind.  And on top of that they are wearing a sweatshirt, becoming even more dehydrated. 

Proper hydration is important for a variety of reasons, but mainly it is best for your overall health.  If the body becomes dehydrated, it starts to have a major physiological impact on how the body functions.  This can cause unwanted hunger, cramps and even severe exertion headaches. 

I wrote an article about exertion headaches you can read here: 


Benefits Of Proper Hydration

The main benefit of proper hydration for lifters and athletes is a faster recovery.  Proper hydration is scientifically proven to speed up your recovery between workout sessions.

Most people try to find a magic supplement to make all of this happen for them, but the thing is you can’t.  There are only certain ways that you can hydrate yourself.

During my time as an athlete I would see other athletes blow out their performance and wind up with earth shattering fatigue.

They looked like they got hit with a truck! 

Dehydration is much more common than you think.  In fact I am going to be a little controversial and say that most people are probably dehydrated.  

Sorry to hurt your feelings everyone, but it is probably true for you as well!

For most people the only form of hydration they give themselves is a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  I have nothing against coffee, but…

I would prefer to keep my fluid levels up on a consistent basis. 

The million dollar question, however, is how do you properly hydrate yourself?  How does one achieve proper hydration? 

In this video I go into detail to explain this to you.

For more information on hydration, check out my article on hydration here:


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