The Ultimate Beginner Push Up Program To Get Results

Beginner Push Up Program

Beginner Push Up Program

Want To Do More Push Ups? Find The Right Push Up Program

We all at some point have wanted to do a push up or have tried to do one, and failed. The first step to getting the push up down is great form and learning how to set up a push up program.

After that you can increase the number of push ups, and then you can challenge yourself with different variations.

So lets delve into push ups, first off with the importance of push ups.

Why Are Push Ups So Important?

Push Ups are very important in overall health and have many health benefits to them!

Who would have thought that push ups can actually change your overall health and so much more.

Push ups can increase functional strength, muscle stretching, enhance your cardiovascular system, protect shoulders from any injury, help with low back pain, and even improve your posture.

These are all very important in everyday movement and workouts. So trying to get your form correct will help you with other exercises, and overall strength.

The Push Up Training Program

So what do we need to get started with our Push Ups?

Our push up training program!!

In order to build the strength to be able to properly execute a push up.

Let’s breakdown our push up program.

Step 1

We want to start our push up by working on the eccentric phase of the push up.

Eccentric Push Ups

So let’s start in a straight arm plank and slowly lower yourself to the floor, try counting 4-8 seconds. Then take a break on the floor, and come up on your knees, and back to the plank.

This is the first step in the push up training program, it is the negative part of a push up. This particularly strengthens the muscle fibers to get to a full push up.

Step 2

The second step in the push up program is focusing on the concentric phase of the push up. We will start on the floor, and slowly push up into a kneeling push up position.

Concentric Push Ups

Make sure to engaged your core and keep your body in a straight line from shoulders to knees. From here push yourself to a plank with you knees on the floor. Then slowly lower again 4-8 seconds. This will be the second part of your push up program.

So that’s not that bad right? We have done both the eccentric and concentric part of a push up, now we just have to put it all together.

The final step of the push up program is where we combine all of the above steps into one.

A Push Up Program For Complete Beginners

So now that we know how to complete both parts of the push up, we have to focus on completing an actual push up.

The great thing about push ups is you can regress them if you need to, and that’s what we are gonna do here.

So we have a few options to properly execute a push up. We have done the push up on the knees so now lets look at a few other types of push ups.

You have the option bring the floor to you, by doing an inline push up. This will make it easier for you to do.

You can also do wall push ups, which will be way easier if you can’t do a full push up on your knees or on the floor.

Try to focus on the positives, if you can do a regular push up on the eccentric phase then do it then. If you can only do a regular push up on the concentric phase do it that way.

The more you practice the more you will be able to do. And remember not everyone could do a push up when they started.

They took there time and practiced it daily.

Push Up Course 1

How To Improve Your Existing Pushups

Now that you have the push up down we can focus on increasing the number of pushups. If you’d like to increase the number of push ups you can do, you must practice doing push ups.

Start by seeing how many you can actually do in a row before complete failure. From there that will give you the number you know you can do. You will then do 80% of that number 10-15 sets through each day.

Push Up Test

This will help you build strength without completely exhausting your arms in one set. And the more you keep doing the better you will get, and the more strength you will have to do more push ups.

Another great way to increase the number of push ups you can do is try to increase the number in each set by one.

When the next workout day comes around, perform the same routine you did to find your maximum number of push ups, but try to increase the number in each set of push-ups by at least one.

You likely will not be able to increase the number in each set every time, but that’s okay don’t fret! Gradually over time you will be able to increase the number of push ups.

**Note**  Be sure to check out my article on Grease The Groove for more awesome tips to increase your pushups.

Progression With Your Push Up Exercise Plan

So now you have mastered a regular push up, and you can do as many as you’d like, what comes next?

Well we can progress the push up even more to challenge yourself.

push up variety

Why not try doing a push up with a medicine ball or a single leg push up? There are so many different variations that can push you to the limits!

Some challenging variations include, elevated foot push up, push up with plates, close grip, wide grip, and TRX push ups.

The amazing thing about push ups is that you can do so many different things to really make them challenging, so don’t think just because you are a pro at push ups, you can’t make them hard again.


So overall yes push ups are a necessity in your workout, and will help overall with so many movements. And remember don’t be intimidated by push ups as you can actually accomplish anything.

Try out our Push up training program and you will definitely be able to accomplish at least one push up!

From there keep practicing them everyday to slowly increase the number of push ups. And from there the exercises are endless. You can challenge yourself by adding different objects to your push ups or even elevating your legs.

So keep up the hard work, and practice those push ups daily!

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