Cracking the “Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?” Code!

Should I Hire A Personal Trainer

Should I Hire A Personal Trainer

The Debate: Should I Hire A Personal Trainer…. Or Not?

Most beginning trainees find themselves on the fence about hiring a helping hand to guide them through the unknown territory of the weight room.

Juggling ideas such as “Should I hire a personal trainer?” or “How do I go about starting?” are quite common. As with anything in life, there are two sides to the same coin.

Right here, the pros and cons of hiring a reputable, personal trainer are explained in an easy to understand way. 

Pro: Trainers Boost Your Confidence

Have you avoided the gym because you do not want to make a fool of yourself for not knowing how to use a certain machine, baffled as how to perform an exercise you saw with free weights without hurting yourself, or wondering if you swing a kettlebell or not?

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And the last thing you want to do is drop the bar on yourself when performing your first bench press from a lack of experience. Simply stated, you may feel out of place at the gym at first.

Whether you are working out at your local fitness club, at home, or in the park, feeling complete confidence as to what you are going to do every workout, week after week is a huge determining factor in keeping up a training regimen.

When you are unsure about what muscle group to work out next, worried about overtraining, or do not know how to go about a certain exercise safely, having someone by your side that is thoroughly fitness educated can make you feel self-assured again.

As a personal trainer teaches and supports you, the whole experience of learning the ropes, pushing past plateaus, or keeping you accountable is far less daunting than showing up alone.

A personal trainer is one way to boost your confidence in the gym.

If your faith has been battered from poor training experiences, trainers are there to restore your trust in the exercise process. 

Con: Finding the Right Trainer May Take Longer than Expected

When we go out to the store, we know exactly what we want in our mind. And most of the time, the products we are searching to buy are readily available.

Rarely though, something may be out of stock or out of season and we are forced to find a substitute.

However, finding a trainer that fits your needs is often times similar to the latter situation.

Rather than having your hopes up to find your perfect personal trainer on the first try, be humbled to know that it may take up to a handful of trainers until you connect with the right one.

Schedules may collide, the chemistry is a bit off, or simply life happens – whatever the reason may be, finding an awesome trainer may not be the cookie cutter experience you had in mind.

After all, you are forming a new relationship in your life which is going to turn quite close if you are seeing them even a couple times a week.

Researching, interviewing, and seeing which trainer performs the best to your liking is definitely a process to be patient with. 

Pro: Your Safety and Well Being Is a Trainer’s First Priority

As we all go through learning curves with any skill in life, honing down dependable, correct form while exercising takes time.

A personal trainer will always have your back when it comes your health and security.

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From correcting your form, spotting your movements, and keeping you away from injury yet still encouraging growth and development, you can count on them.

Especially when you are absolutely green to the gym, paying trainers can accelerate your learning while in a safe environment.

Of course, progress will come in due time, but a trainer’s main priority is to keep you in good hands.

By not pushing you too far or letting yourself do unsightly actions that may harm your body, a good personal trainer is there for you. 

Con: You’re on a Tight Budget

Without a doubt, hiring a professional trainer is an amenity not everyone can have because of financial constraints.

If you view a personal trainer as a luxury or not, not being able to continuously pay up for one can be a hard truth.

The average cost of a personal trainer is $50 per hour, which may be an extra $100-$500 weekly depending on how often and for how long each session pans out. 

However, it is not uncommon to find more affordable trainers at $25 per hour. In this case, do your research and due diligence to really find someone that is going to be good for you in the long term.

If you have an inkling that a personal trainer is taking you for a ride, listen to your gut and find a better option. 

Pro: Accountability

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The factor of accountability may easily be overlooked, but it is a true need for many to hire a personal fitness trainer.

After learning various lifts, movements, and exercise techniques throughout life, the fact of the matter is that many trainees do not need any more information to add to their workout arsenal.

Just having an accountability partner there for them is enough support for themselves to show up every week.

If you are wondering, “Should I hire a personal trainer? I already know how to work out, but I know I could be more disciplined”, then heading the route of hiring one would be a wise move.

Essentially, paying him or her to hold you accountable up is a sure-fire way to ignite discipline and consistency as an integral part of your routine.  

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer? 

If you are still fiddling around with this question, the resounding answer is YES.

Even if it takes time and money to find the perfect personal trainer match for you, just remember that patience is a virtue. The clear advantages weight out any drawbacks.

Personal trainers look out and care for your overall physical and mental wellbeing. When it comes to taking care of your most valuable asset, give your body the attention it deserves.

There are plenty of intelligent decisions you can make life, and this is one of them. Down the line, you will understand how much time and stress you will have saved if you just take the time now to learn from the experts. 

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