Strength Training For Women: Gender Differences In Training

Strength Training For Women

Strength Training For Women

Strength Training For Women

Strength training is just as important as cardiovascular training!

While both are different they really do go hand in hand, and there actual many gender differences in strength training. Yes, your gender can actually affect your strength training, and how you should train as well as the results you will see.

Let’s see the key differences among men and women in strength training and how strength training for women compares.

Key Differences:

  • Muscle Gains
  • Size and Strength
  • Reps
  • Fiber Types
  • Higher Fat Diet
  • Functional Differences

Muscle Gains

Women and men both will see increases in their muscular strength when they start weight training, but on average men will have larger muscle gains.

According to a study done in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises, strength training will lead to much more muscle hypertrophy within men than women. Because of this men are prone to building larger muscles than women

Size and Strength

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, women actually produce about two-thirds the amount of total strength that men can produce. 

So yes it is true women are built to be able to carry two-thirds as much muscle mass as men!  This means there is a huge difference in strength, men are typically stronger but that’s only due to body size!

Less Explosive Training

Yes, women should actually be doing less explosive training for their bodies!

Women’s muscles may have great muscle endurance when it comes to their nervous system it’s not quite the same. Their nervous system is actually not as efficient as men!

So when it comes to training men are more explosive than women, and because of this they then can create a lot more force in less time!

Actually there is a part of our brain that controls movement, which is called the motor cortex this part, is actually larger in men.

And this is the main reason men are able to perform more reps than women when it comes to explosive exercises.

Fiber Types

Women and men who both are at the same activity level of non-active actually have the same fiber type distribution.

Their fiber type actually changes in training!!

For women any type of strength training changes muscle fibers by converting them to type 1 fiber or not actually changing them at all! But for men they actually change to type IIa fibers. And women actually have larger type 1 fibers compared to men!

Now you are probably wondering why do I care what muscle fiber type women have, well it actually can affect fatigue!

Women are more resilient to fatigue than men! And since they have type 1 muscle fibers, or slow twitch they should be doing more reps per set to see more progress and results!

Higher Fat Diet

Women compared to men actually burn a lot more fat, and less carbohydrates and proteins at the same intensity during a workout!

And interestingly enough since they rely less on carbs as fuel they actually do not store as much glycogen during carb refeeds!

Estrogen is actually the hormone that makes women rely less on glucose.

Women have a higher body fat percentage than men within their body and muscles too! This is why they use it as a primary energy source!

It actually makes women way better metabolically prepared for all workouts except short, and intense bursts that rely on glycogen.

And yes fats are actually very good for women too.

The more fat women get from their diet the more estrogen and testosterone is produced. 

And good fats can actually protect you from cancer, so why not try adding good fats into your diet if you’re a woman.

Facts about Protein Consumption Men VS. Women

Women actually don’t need as my protein as men!

They oxidize way less protein than men.

Because women require more fat than men they generally have less lean body mass then men, which in turn they also burn less protein when they are fasting!

Functional Differences

Women are physically made to be better at flexibility-related movements, which happen in everyday tasks.

Men are built taller and broader, which means they were built that way to carry and lift. Women on the other hand use muscle strength for tasks related to coordination, balance, and flexibility, which men don’t do.

And in the absence of external- load, women are actually thought to be the supreme gender in sports that rely on rhythmic use of muscle coordination.


So overall there are many differences between men and women especially in the fitness field, and should really be training specifically towards what physically is best for their body!

Don’t forget the key differences between men and women in strength training! Muscle Gains, Size and Strength, Reps, Fiber Types, Higher Fat Diet, and Functional Differences!

This doesn’t mean women can’t power lift they should and can!

This just means trying to add different things to take advantage of the benefits of women’s bodies and what they naturally do. Why not try adding more reps and less sets to your workout, or try taking away some rest time, and just make your rests shorter!

You may find that you actually see more results than you think, and if you don’t you can always go back to your old routine!

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