HMB: The Forgotten Muscle Building Supplement



HMB is needed to protect and repair muscle tissue.

HMB actually is supposed to help by slowing muscle protein breakdown and speeds protein synthesis, but still preserves your muscle cells!

So what does that mean?

Our bodies naturally make HMB by breaking down amino acid leucine, which is found in the protein we get from food.


Research actually has shown that adding an additional 3g/day actually can improve performance in training athletes.

  • The International Society of Sports Nutrition actually has assessed both HMB and creatine as supplements aiding athletic training.

How does HMB help you?

*Increases strength when training in movements like deadlifts, and squats, some of our favorites!

*Helps speed up improvements in endurance specifically in cycling, rowing and running.

*Helps increase muscle mass.

*Reduces your recovery time, no complaints there!

*Has been found to help with reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Process

HMB slows down protein breakdown and helps speed up the protein synthesis processing to help with repairing muscles.

It is used to maintain the integrity of muscles and prevent them from damage and support re-build.

This specifically helps Olympic lifters, Cross Fit athletes, any athlete that plays sports involved with Endurance, and Gymnasts.

How to add into your diet:

HMB actually doesn’t have any taste to it so it is easily mixed in with any drink and it is linked to calcium!

This means it quickly dissolves and into the body!

In order to get the most out of it you must be pushing your body to the limit! This means athletes have the most benefit from adding HMB to their diet, as well as people who really push their bodies in the gym!


HMB can really help especially with the breakdown of protein and recovering after heavy weight lifts.

It is especially great for athletes that push their body every day, or people who do Cross Fit or other types of training that require rigorous strength and work.

There has also been a  link to reducing high blood pressure and even cholesterol levels!!

It can also help increase muscle mass, strength and even decrease body fat which, definitely helps athletes and people trying to get stronger in the gym and build their endurance strength too!

Don’t forget to add only 3g/day to your diet each day!! Even just adding that small amount can really help your body especially within recovery!

So go out and try adding HMB to your diet!!

It’s easily mixable into any juice, and if you’re looking for something to help speed up the recovery process after a very hard workout, look no further, HMB is great!

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