7 Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone

Testosterone Is Essential

Whether male or female, hormones play a significant role in overall well-being. At the core of it all, hormone functions include, but are not limited to, stimulating development, managing the reproductive cycle, and regulating metabolism. Distinctively, healthy levels of the sex hormone testosterone pave the way to pack on muscle, condense bones, and invigorate hair growth.

Although the benefits are bountiful when sufficient, this vital hormone lacks in many. Notably, numerous men and women suffer from a lack of testosterone. If you feel that your testosterone is at a loss, the safest and quickest way to increase its levels are by incorporating the following simple, natural methods to your daily life.

Lose Excess Fat

Excess Bodyfat

Shredding down on the love handles and pot belly provides a sharp jump in T levels. Declining testosterone is the result of an increasing body mass index caused by excess fat. Of course, the more you age later in life, the less testosterone is naturally produced. However, when unnecessary fat accumulates, this natural process is sped up exponentially.

Picture a lean version of yourself. A great place to start is to imagine how you would look without extra poundage. Ultimately, losing fat comes down to eating fewer calories than you consume. Beginning a new lifestyle of eating a little less every day than usual is a sure-fire way to start seeing your waist go down and your T levels to go up.

Sleep Enough and Well


Regularly, people disregard sleep as a means to an end. Or, they may believe that it is important, yet do not walk the talk. Even sleeping has a direct correlation to how much testosterone your body can produce. Since everyone is different according to lifestyle, age, activity level, and genetics, learning how much sleep you need is vital.

To start, aim for a stable baseline of eight hours a night. Devote a couple of nights to strive for this number, then adjust accordingly. Your body will always let you know if you need less or more. Finding your sweet spot will result in sound sleep. In turn, your testosterone production will take strides towards its optimal state.

Soak Up the Sun To Boost Testosterone

If you have an inkling that you do not go outside enough throughout the week, then you probably need more sun. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D, which is necessary for producing adequate levels of testosterone.


Take the time to show your skin to the sun. The more exposure, the more vitamin D that can be synthesized. Take note; moderation is key once again – especially in the sun. Feel too busy to make time for laying in the sun? Instead, take a short ten-minute walk on a break in the sun even if just your forearms, hands, and face are bare. The relationship between sunbathing and testosterone is clear, so take advantage of it.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Stress is linked the to the hormone called cortisol. During flight-or-fight situations, cortisol is vital for survival. Nevertheless, self-inflicted worry plagues many, which raises cortisol. Removing or dealing with stressful situations in your life can significantly lower cortisol levels. In effect, your testosterone levels have a chance to breathe and grow when cortisol drops.


Meditation aids significantly in centering yourself in an effort to raise testosterone and reduce unnecessarily high cortisol levels. Similarly, being mindful of the present moment and your body throughout the day has the same benefits. Moreover, noticing any extremes in your life can be adding stress – aim for balance in order to maintain your T levels at a favorable level.

Commit to Short, Intense Workouts

Interval Training

Also known as high-intensity interval training, this form of exercise provides the fastest return on time investment concerning testosterone improvement. Free T-levels are noticeably higher among individuals who partake in a HIIT training schedule. It saves you time, and most importantly, provides an unleashed stream of newly-generated testosterone from your endocrine system.

Short, intense workouts are possible because of switching the types of exercises you are frequently performing. No to little rest in between sets only works since different muscles groups are being targeted. As an example, if you are training back and abs together HIIT-style, performing pull-ups gives your obliques time to take recover. Even if recovery for each muscle merely lasts a minute or so, HIIT cultivates an intense, testosterone enhancing workout.

Intermittent Fasting


If you have had trouble in the past going on a weight-loss regimen, adding intermittent fasting to your tool bag can give the edge you need regaining hormonal balance. Testosterone increases by 2000% when fasting for 24 hours. Keep in mind, executing 16-24 hour fasts require your entire day’s calories within 8 hours.

If your body and digestive system are up to it, take a shot at it to drastically pump up your T levels. To ease into it, skip breakfast and relocate those calories along to your meals for lunch and or dinner. Time-wise, this is one of the fastest tried-and-true methods of increasing testosterone levels besides high-intensity interval training or heavy lifting.

Consume Healthy Fats

While staying true to moderation and listening to your body, an adequate dietary fat intake can help bump your testosterone levels up. Although this is not the most significant way to boost your testosterone naturally, it remains to be effective. This study presents a 13% increase in testosterone levels when consuming roughly 40% of daily calories than 18% overall calories from fat.

Healthy Fats

Of course, if a high-fat diet is not your primary goal, reaping the benefits of sustaining suitable levels of testosterone is still attainable through eating healthy fats. In other words, avocados, seeds, mixed nuts, coconut oil, and sunflower butter are great fats to integrate into your diet to raise T levels.

Begin Today

When the search is on to figure out how to increase lacking testosterone levels, the last action you want to take is nothing at all. Get up, get on with it, and thank yourself later. Expect newfound confidence, youthfulness, and exuberant energy flowing through you from boosted levels of testosterone.

From losing fat, adjusting your sleeping habits, to calming your inner state, the path is clear. Pursuing natural, proven means to a more prosperous life regarding quality testosterone production opens a fantastic life experience you will not want to miss out on.

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