Top 5 Fat Burning Foods For A Killer Body

Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods

There are so many foods out there that claim they burn fat, but which ones are actually going to help fat burning!

And yes there actually are foods out there that can promote and aid fat burning!

We have the top 5 fat burning foods that actually help burn fat and why!

We chose to focus on Salmon/Tuna, Rolled Oats, Green Tea, Grapefruit and Apple Cider Vinegar!

Let’s break down what each food does, how they burn fat, and how to implement them into your diet!

1. Salmon and Tuna

Let’s breakdown why meat and fish are so important in fat burning!

Protein helps build muscle. We get protein from meat sources or fish.

The more muscle you have the more fat your body burns!

Which means the more weight and fat loss you will have.

Fat Burning Foods Salmon

And yes, fish is actually the healthiest source of lean protein!

Salmon and Tuna are actually rich sources of an anti-inflammatory omega 3-fatty acid!

These fatty acids actually help fuel fat burning, block fat storage, and all in all help aid weight loss.

According to a spokesperson for the academy of nutrition and dietetics Alissa Rumsey, salmon can actually help reduce cravings and has been shown to keep weight off for a long period of time compared to other foods or meat.

How to add Salmon or Tune into your diet:

Try adding salmon into your diet, by making it your main course!

Salmon with a side of brown rice and veggies like broccoli are a perfect combination!

And for the tuna there are so many ways to add it into your diet! Why not make tuna salad but a healthy version!

Tuna Salad goes great on crackers or even just by itself!

2. Rolled Oats

Yes, Carbohydrates actually help burn fat!

But not just any carbohydrates they have to be good carbohydrates!

According to a Tufts University Study, people who ate rolled oats had 10 percent less belly fat than people who ate the same amount of calories from processed, white carbohydrates.

Fat Burning Foods Rolled Oats

It is believed that this is due to whole grains’ high fiber and slow burning properties, which in turn will keep you satisfied much longer!

So changing what kind of carbohydrates you’re eating can really help your body burn fat faster!

And rolled oats are a great alternative and substitute for white carbohydrates that are processed!

How to add Rolled Oats into your diet:

Why not try adding rolled oats into your homemade protein bars?

Or even cooking rolled oats! You can add a little bit of fruit and honey for sweetness!

Sounds yummy!

3. Green Tea

We all know tea is good for you, and drinking green tea has so many benefits!

Fat Burning Foods Green Tea

Green tea actually reduces body fat and even lowers cholesterol levels!

On top of that Green tea help the body repair more quickly after a high-intensity workout!

Good to know especially after a long, and intense workout! It even acts like an energy drink and gives your body energy but in a natural way!

How to add Green Tea into your diet:

Who doesn’t want more energy right? So adding one or two cups of Green Tea can give you that boost of energy you feel like you need!

4. Grapefruit

Fat Burning Foods Grapefruit

Enzymes found in grapefruit actually help break down sugar, which helps boost your metabolism, and drop weight.

How to add Grapefruit to your diet:

Why not try adding grapefruit to your water, or even just eating it like that it’s pretty delicious and refreshing!

And guess what?

Even just smelling grapefruit oil can increase your metabolism. Try dabbing it on your wrist to actually curb your cravings!

It’s an easy way to curb your appetite, so definitely give it a try!

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, that’s right Apple Cider Vinegar!!

Did you know it actually is a natural way to detox your body, and balance your stomach’s ph level!

Fat Burning Foods Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic which sometimes makes it difficult to drink or add to your diet!

How to add Apple Cider Vinegar into diet:

Try adding a tablespoon or two tablespoons of water to the apple cider vinegar to drink!

It will water down the vinegar making it a little easier to take down. Enjoy!

Let’s recap!

Our five fat-burning foods are: Salmon/Tuna, Rolled Oats, Green Tea, Grapefruit and Apple Cider Vinegar!

Let’s go over our fat-burning foods and their benefits!

Salmon and Tuna

*Block Fat Storage

*Reduce Cravings

*Aids Weight Loss

Rolled Oats:

*Satisfied Longer

Green Tea:

*Helps repair body after a high-intensity workout

* Reduces Body Fat

*Lowers cholesterol levels


*Enzymes break down sugar, and boosts your metabolism

Apple Cider Vinegar:

*Helps detox your body

*Balances your stomach’s ph levels

And those are our top 5 fat burning foods!!

We still can’t believe how many foods can actually help with losing fat!

There are so many more to try, so get out there and try to add these foods into your diet!

Combine these fat-burning foods, with a killer workout and you’ll surely burn fat in no time!

Don’t forget kick out those processed, white carbohydrates!

Add Grapefruit to your water! Drink one or two cups of green tea a night.

Add Salmon to your diet, and take a shot of apple cider vinegar!

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