The Best Diets For Your Weight Loss Goals

Best Diets For Weight Loss

Best Diets For Weight Loss

We All Start Somewhere

From seasoned professionals to fresh beginners, starting a diet has the same premise: your daily habits are set to change.  This makes selecting the best diets for weight loss very important. 

Specifically, your nutritional habits transform. Concerning weight loss, a good rule of thumb is to realize you have to consume less than usual. Plus, your day to day routine is quite unique – even if it is difficult to notice at first.

That is why you need to find a diet catering precisely to your fat burning goals. To help you start, take a look at this list of the best diets for weight loss. See which one you gravitate towards – it might be the beginning of a newfound lifestyle.

Raw Food

A raw food diet takes nutrition back to the basics. This way of eating means business – raw food is really raw food. Of course, it follows the natural direction our bodies have evolved to eat first and foremost: plants. vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts primarily make up the raw food regimen.

Raw Foods Diet

Although this diet focuses on fresh greens and good, earthy fats, it may still include a sparse amount of cooked foods. Raw eggs, meat, fish, and dairy are also acceptable. The reason to include these foods is to stand guard against nutrient deficiencies.

Raw food has the inherent ability to help you lose fat because of the significantly less caloric intake. Vegetables pack life-giving nutrients and fiber, fruits help maintain glucose levels, and healthy fats from avocados, seeds, and the like give the perfect balance of macronutrients for complete satiation.

Take raw food for a spin, and see how bright, focused, and great you feel – all while watching the weight disappear.


Ketogenic dieting has exploded in popularity during the past few years. It originates on the basis of burning fat instead of carbs for your body’s principal source of fuel. This metabolic state is known as ketosis.

The “Keto” plan consists of high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low carbs. At first, many people struggle with this diet because of the grown dependency of frequent carb consumption throughout their lives.

Ketogenic diet

Explicitly, the slump of getting into ketosis is the hard part. The transformation of your body recognizing the needed switch to run primarily off fat instead of carbs may be tough at first. This process is different for everyone. It could last anywhere from a couple of days to weeks on end.

Brain fog and tiredness are commonly reported during this phase because the body still wants to run off carbs. If you can make it through this period, the results are bountiful. The diet plan is similar to the raw food diet; but, focuses heavily on high-fat foods such as eggs, avocados, bacon, tree nuts, and coconut.

Your body learns to live off the high-fat diet it is being fed, and you regain your senses to new heights. Fat loss results undoubtedly are accomplished by correctly following a ketogenic diet plan.


Atkins Diet

The Atkins craze may have already seen its golden days pass by, but it is still a useful, short-term weight loss diet. The name comes from Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins, a well-known cardiologist and physician.

The point of the diet is to restrict carbs severely. At first, it may sound just like the ketogenic diet. But, they differ slightly in one crucial aspect. After achieving ketosis in both diets, the Atkins diet then allows a more plentiful supply of carbs back in.

The ketogenic diet never goes above a firm, low level of carbs. The diet is simple to follow – eat anything as long as it is not carbs. For most people, this may seem too generalized of a guideline, but it is an excellent starting point to taking one step forward in your fat loss journey.

Taking a quick dip into ketosis to see if it is for you is a great way to know if you want to venture off into a longer-term plan such as ketogenic dieting.

Engine 2

One of my favorites on this list, the Engine 2 brand and diet were created by Rip Esselstyn. A former firefighter from Austin, Texas, Rip helped take plant-based eating to the mainstream. His diet plan differs in comparison to the rest.

An almost monthly, 28-day approach is cut out for anyone interested. During the first week, all dairy and processed foods are removed from your daily mix. The second week eliminates eggs, meat, chicken, and fish. Lastly, the third and fourth week cut out cooking oils and bring in legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Engine 2 Diet

Keep in mind, every week compounds onto the next. Eventually, steady habits are created to help you become the diet’s slogan: “Plant Strong”. Notably, by taking processed foods from your daily array of meal options, weight loss is a given.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Diet

Backed by western medicine professionals, the Mayo Clinic diet offers a more traditional approach to weight loss. With its headquarters based in Rochester, MN, and various locations spread out throughout the United States, the Mayo Clinic firstly implements a long-term mindset. In other words, creating new, helpful habits changes your lifestyle for the better.

The diet kicks off with a two-week period of increasing physical activity and eating more healthful food. Large portion meals consist of low-calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits. The reason for generous portion sizes is due to satisfying your satiation needs, but still cutting out a considerable amount of calories.

The calorie deficit is the much-needed jump start to lose a lot of weight safely during the first two weeks. Starting the third week, the focus covers fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, protein and dairy, and fats and sweets.

Take note, fruits and vegetables take priority, then carbs, then protein, and so on. Imagine this diet like a pyramid. The base bears the most substantial portion of the diet, and moving upward there is less consumption of fat and sweets. The Mayo Clinic diet is a reliable alternative to ketogenic and Atkins low-carb plans.

Ready to Make the Change? 

If you honestly feel that taking the plunge into a great, weight loss regimen is your calling, then by all means do it!

To be honest, it may be a bit eerie creeping into unknown territory if you do not have any to little experience dieting. That is completely normal.

We all go through that at some point or another. You might just be surprised how much a leap of faith can bring you in return. Especially, a bound for your well-being’s good fortune. Be good to yourself, discover the self-discipline to diet, and prosper!

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