Easy Weight Loss Diet Tips To Get You Looking Great

Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet

There is a very well known secret out there that everyone who wants to look good should know.  There are some simple and easy weight loss diet tips that will save you a lot of frustration and headache.  In order to make your life a little easier, we are going to explore these weight loss diet tips in more detail in this post. 

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than working your butt off and seeing no results.  It is like a giant bitchslap in the face.  However, don’t get down on yourself if you can’t make a breakthrough.  It just means that your doing something wrong.  You need to re-evaluate your approach and really reflect on what it is that you are doing wrong.  More often than not it is always the simplest little thing that is holding you back. 

Unfortunately most other posts and articles do not cover these little nuggets and pearls of knowledge.  So stay with us and read along.  This is not a “how to” post.  The information listed below has no particular order.  Without further adieu, let’s dive in.


The Myth Of The Weight Loss Diet

In ancient times, our wise elders realized that there was no better way to get information across to people than with stories.  A story helps to hold people’s interest much better than preaching does.  Needless to say, these stories were taken as gospel and as a result the myth was born.  Myths are stories that contain both truth and lies in order to drive a point across.  In the case of a weight loss diet, the biggest myth is working harder. 

Now don’t get me wrong, hard work is absolutely part of the equation.  There is no doubt about it.  However, this whole notion of working till you drop is really just dangerous.  The goal should never be to work harder, it should be to work smarter.  Take sleep for example.  If you are trying to perform and achieve great success, then you are going to need to get quality sleep.  But sleep isn’t sexy, so we have to dramatize getting sleep as for losers and people who don’t sleep as people who are real go getters. 

This is a real problem.  Believing in a myth, will only lead you to short term gratification.  Instead you need to realize the truth(s).


Why Is There So Much Confusion About Dieting

The answer is simple.  Sales.  The exact same reason why everything is so confusing.  If most people actually knew how simple everything really is, there would be no reason for people to buy any goods and services from anybody else.  Without sales, civilization as we know it would collapse.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch the following video below to get a real eye opening explanation of sales.


Watch On YouTube: Is Selling Evil? This will change the way you look at selling and sales…


Sales are the life blood of capitalism.  Like it or not, sales are a necessary part of life.  Unfortunately, sales cause diet advice to remain smoke and mirrors in order to sell more diet plans.  This isn’t part of some diabolical plan to keep you in the dark, it is just a result of many opportunists trying to put a new spin on something old.  Simple as that!

However, now your veil has just been lifted.  There is no more room for excuses, it is now time to get out there and make the magic happen.  Then once everybody sees your success, they will ask you how you did it.


Marketing  Vs. Real Life

One last thing before we get into our weight loss diet tips.  We have to understand how mainstream marketing is programming our minds.  Marketing is how we get people to buy our products.  There is nothing wrong with it.  However, marketing plays to the human psyche’s wants and needs.  One of the best needs is the need to feel wanted.  Thus lies the question, do you want be fit, or sexy?

Sexy sells.  Hard work/smart work doesn’t sell.  Have you ever started a new venture and had these wild expectations for yourself?  You were going to be a sex symbol, be rich, be adventurous and be famous all at the same time just by doing this one thing.  Then you found out it was more work than you thought it was.  So you end up quitting.  This is the main topic of Seth Godin’s book The Dip.

Ironically, if you really look at it, you will see that it was not the hard work that made you quit.  It was the fact that it didn’t make you feel sexy.  If it did make you feel sexy, you would achieve success in a quarter of the time.  But believe me, success is the ultimate sexy.  So with that introduction, let’s focus on getting you successful with your weight loss diet.


Weight Loss Diet Tips         


Why You Need A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is needed for any weight loss diet.  Every morsel of food you put into your mouth has different amounts of nutrients in it that serve you body in different ways.  The three big nutrients are fats, carbs and protein.  Each one of these serve a different role in your body.  To rob your body of any one of these nutrients is to alter it’s normal functioning state.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will:

  • Make You Feel Full
  • Help You Get All Your Nutrients
  • Make You Recover Faster
  • Allow You To Perform At Your Best
  • Help You Feel Better
  • Make You Lose Weight 

Despite all of these benefits, many lifters and athletes still choose not to eat properly for their chosen athletic profession.  One of the best examples is the athlete who is trying to gain mass for his upcoming season, but he doesn’t wan’t to “gain fat”, so he doesn’t eat any carbs.  As any experienced athlete will tell you, that is clearly not going to work.  Your body needs carbs in order to build mass.  Without it, no new mass will come about.


Eating Smaller Meals Throughout The Day

By eating smaller meals throughout the day, you are forcing your metabolism to stay elevated for a longer period of time.  I have found that this approach works best with a weight loss diet.  By eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours, you will feel fuller and more satisfied throughout the day.  This will help to prevent overeating and cheating on your meals.  If people eat all their calories in 2-3 meals per day, it is not that they will not lose weight.  They will be more tempted to cheat. 

Let’s face it, humans are hardwired with some pretty nasty vices.  One of those vices is the need to pleasure oneself.  Pleasure and fear go hand in hand with each other.  In fact it is safe to say that they are both opposite sides of the same coin.  We run from fear and we chase pleasure.  Eventually, the fear we run from catches up to us and we try to binge on our pleasures even more.  This places us in an even bigger rut. 

Food is like a drug and bad food is one of the best feel good drugs.  If we have a bad day we want to pleasure ourselves to feel better.  Bad food serves that role.  No matter how strict your other meals are, eating a bad cheat meal every day will throw a big wrench in your weight loss gears. 


Stay Hydrated

The master control gland in the body is called the hypothalamus gland.  This gland sits in the front of the brain, near the prefrontal cortex.  One of the key features of this gland is appetite.  It makes us hungry.  Sometimes it can make us a little too hungry.  This is not by accident either. 

Hydration Weight Loss Diet

The hypothalamus gland is kept in optimal function by your hydration levels.  If you are dehydrated, then your hypothalamus will not be functioning properly.  This will make your hypothalamus release hormones that will make you hungry.  It is actually a misfire, it’s trying to tell you to drink more water.  Instead, we get a hunger stimulus. 

Obviously we need to drink more water and I see plenty of lifters doing this in the gym all the time, which is great.  However, it is not enough.  Our bodies will pass out regular water too quickly before any of our vital organs will get hydrated.  To prevent this, electrolytes need to be added to the water in order to hold the fluids in longer.  My personal favorite electrolyte supplements include Nunn, if you like tablets and Ultima, if you like powder.


Auto-Regulate To Your Activity Level

Auto-regulation is the process of self-adjusting.  This is necessary because as we all know, you never know what life is going to throw at you.  If you know yourself well enough and know how to manually adjust your diet program on the fly, you will be many steps ahead of everybody else. 

One of the best times to auto-regulate is on your “off” days or days in which unexpected problems occur.  Your traveling and your flight gets delayed, better adjust your diet for the day.  Not training for too long today, you better adjust your diet for the day.  Eating a ton of calories on days with little activity makes no sense for a weight loss diet.  You are only going to delay your progress. 

In situations like this, it is best to lower the total amount of calories you take in.  Otherwise your weekly net caloric intake will be too high and you will not lose any weight for the week.


How Much Weight Should A Real Weight Loss Diet Make Me Lose?

Many tabloids have people spinning their heads about how much weight they should lose.  Some diets make ridiculous claims about losing 20 lb. of fat and adding on 5lb. of muscle at the same time.  Folks, there is only one place where results like this occur, in magazines. 

It is damn near impossible to lose that much weight that quickly and pack on muscle at the same time.  Also it is impossible to lose only fat when losing weight.  You are going to lose water and muscle weight as well.  Losing muscle is not at all what we want, but our bodies don’t care about what we want.  Our bodies care about survival, not aesthetics.

Weight Loss Diet Meme 

So how much weight should one lose during a weekly basis, well about 1-2 lb. per week is about the best you can do to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss.  That is the honest truth and it is one slow and steady climb to progress.  Thus revealing the truth why so many people don’t make progress.  


Why Getting Fit Is So Hard (The Truth)

A weight loss diet, just like training programs and any other fitness goals, are so hard because they require a lot of effort.  Earlier I mentioned how the human mind has some pretty nasty vices and these vices if left uncontrolled will eventually sneak up and bite us.  Our obstacles are programed into our minds and it is up to us to reprogram them into opportunities. 

In a perfect world, we would be able to make constant progress and achieve our goals in record time.  As we all know, this almost never happens.  Murphy’s law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  As a go getter you have to be ready for these problems that come up.  Remember, with every problem that you conquer, you are one step closer to your goals and one step ahead of your competition. 

Always remember to run to your fears.  Don’t run away from them or you’ll be running all your life.  Instead face them.  They may be your greatest obstacle, but they are where all your answers lie.  To succeed with a weight loss diet, you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone.  Once there, your comfort zone will expand and will become your new normality.


How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

You may be saying, “alright Tony, I know how to do it and I realize that I’m afraid to move out of my comfort zone, but how do I get motivated to start”.  The key to motivation is simple: purpose.  If you haven’t already, please watch this clip from the Matrix Reloaded, as it sums this up perfectly. 


Watch On YouTube:  Purpose


When you have a strong enough purpose behind your actions, any obstacle that gets in your way will be blown to dust.  There is nothing quite as remarkable as the human will.  It can be your greatest weapon or your greatest adversary.  If you let it get in your way then instead of working on your goals you will be wasting most of your energy fighting yourself. 

Don’t fight yourself any more.  Move forward with a sense of purpose and attack your goals with reason.  Then look back and smile with satisfaction knowing that as long as your conquering challenges, your well on your way to becoming a legend. 

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